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With the arrival of a new season, we asked a few of the children to draw pictures of spring. Children have many different ways of communicating and expressing their thoughts, learning and knowledge. Drawing is one of the many languages children can use to share their experiences and ideas. We could have had a discussion about the signs of spring but today we wanted to understand what the children already knew and how they would represent it. This group of children often use the arts as a means of expression and we wanted to build on this interest to explore the season of spring. Below are a few of the children’s drawings and you can see shared elements emerge. The use of green was a common thread throughout, representing new growth in trees and grass, along with the role of flowers in the spring. We look forward to continuing to grow our connection with the seasons and the natural world.

Eliza’s drawing of spring

“It’s the Mountain and all the trees that are green because it’s spring.” -Ellie

Livia’s drawing of spring

“See, there are flowers and green grass and that’s me holding a flower.” -Miles



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